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The Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online is a full-text image database providing access to past revised editions of Hong Kong Laws. The database comprises a total of seven consolidations of the laws of Hong Kong: 1890, 1901, 1912, 1923, 1937, 1950, and 1964

Location Hong Kong Authorized by Hong Kong Basic Law, Magistrates Ordinance (Cap. 227) Appeals to Court of First Instance of the High Court; further appeal to the Court of Final Appeal in limited circumstance Website Official website Chief Magistrate Currently

Appeals to: Court of First Instance of the High Court;

The Duty Lawyer Service provides legal representation to those charged with nearly all offences in the Magistrates’ Courts, including the Juvenile Courts. It is jointly run by the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Bar Association.

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The Magistrates’ Courts in Hong Kong deal with criminal cases. They also deal with summonses issued by a Magistrate as a result of information laid by the Labour Department, the Companies Registry and the Securities and Futures Commission. Corporate clients

Post Office Ordinance Please click here to view details of Post Office Ordinance, Chapter 98 of Law of Hong Kong. Sending Mail Local International No Posting of Dangerous Articles Security Inspection Procedures for Outbound Mail Points to note Receiving Mail

To minimize the risk of outbreak of the COVID-19 in the community, every sector in Hong Kong, including the Judiciary, has its responsibility. In the case of the Judiciary, efforts are made to minimize the flow of people in court premises and avoid the gathering of

Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance, Article 11(1) recognises the principle of presumption of innocence: Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance, Article 11(2)(g) ensures the right against self-incrimination and the right to silence.

Principle of presumption of innocence and its extended rights ·

1. Introduction to the criminal courts in Hong Kong. Magistrate’s Court There are seven Magistrates’ Courts in Hong Kong and the Magistrates hear a wide range of summary and indictable offences.The maximum sentence a Magistrate can impose generally is two

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HCO High Court Ordinance (Cap 4) HKCFAO Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Ordinance (Cap 484) ICACO Independent Commission Against Corruption Ordinance (Cap 204) IR Indictment Rules (Cap 221C) JO Jury Ordinance (Cap 3) JOO Juvenile Offenders

The amount of fine is determined by the Magistrate presiding at the hearing, having regard to the maximum penalty laid down in the relevant sections of the Companies Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation and section 113B of the Criminal Procedure

Permanent Magistrate (2001- 2016) Adjudicator of Small Claims Tribunal (2003) Deputy District Court Judge (2006) Non Executive Director of Wo Kee Hong Co. Ltd. Lecturer of Hong Kong Management Association Vice President of Longines Realty Corp.

If you are convicted of a criminal offence in Hong Kong, you do not always go to prison. Magistrates and judges, to a large extent, have a degree of discretion when deciding the appropriate sentence. A sentence of imprisonment can for instance be suspended.

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HONG KONG : THE FACTS Judiciary The Judiciary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is responsible for the administration of justice in Hong Kong. It hears all prosecutions and civil disputes, including disputes between individuals and the Government.

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enactment in force in Hong Kong and also such jurisdiction and powers as may from time to time be conferred on a permanent magistrate. (Amended 59 of 1994 s. 6) (3) A special magistrate shall, subject to the provisions of his warrant of appointment, exercise

6/11/2019 · Search the Hong Kong e-Legislation (HKeL) for the consolidated statute laws of Hong Kong. The Basic Law This website features some useful facts on the background of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and its drafting process.

The Rule of Law

The Court of Final Appeal Ordinance provides that an appeal shall be heard and determined by the Court constituting the Chief Justice, three permanent judges and one non-permanent Hong Kong judge or one judge from another common law jurisdiction.

The search results on this web page are for reference purpose only. Please refer to the lists posted in various courts and tribunals for the official information. For enquiries, please contact the respective court registries.Daily cause lists will be posted by 6:30 p.m. on

APPOINTMENTS AND PUBLIC OFFICE 2019 to 2022 Vice-Chairman, Municipal Services Appeal Board 2019 to 2021 Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473) Disciplinary Board Panel Member 2019 May Temporary Deputy Registrar, High Court 2018 Hong Kong

This Ordinance may be cited as the Hong Kong Reunification Ordinance. 2. Interpretation In this Ordinance, unless the context otherwise requires—“Basic Law” (《基本法》) means the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s

Companies and their directors, company secretaries or managers must ensure strict compliance with the Companies Ordinance in the delivery of statutory returns to the Companies Registry. You can visit the Hong Kong e-Legislation of the Department of Justice

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance applies only to Hong Kong Bail of arrested persons A person who is detained in custody by the police shall be brought before a Magistrate as soon as practicable and generally within 48 hours from the time of the arrest.

Youngest Hong Kong protester to plead guilty in court avoids criminal record after West Kowloon magistrate dismisses charges Charges for anti-police graffiti dismissed in ruling that ensures boy

Hong Kong magistrate bars Ramanjit ‘Romi’ Singh from lodging torture claim against Indian authorities in Eastern Court extradition hearing Alleged jailbreaker Singh told any claims should be

Hong Kong Police Force – How to be a witness in court Where does everyone sit The picture shows a typical Magistrate’s Court. The Magistrate sits behind a raised bench and the witness box is usually to one side (left or right), near the front of the court.

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the pollution of rivers and streams in Hong Kong cannot be pursued. Introduction The Water Pollution Control Ordinance’ makes it an offence to discharge polluting matter into the waters of Hong Kong in a controlled zone. However, the Ordinance does not

A magistrate has issued an arrest warrant for a barrister who asked if she was “insane” in a simple jaywalking trial that lasted two months – making it the first case of its kind in Hong Kong

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Ordinance empowered the magistrate to award costs of the review to the prosecution where a review under s 104 of the Magistrates Ordinance was instituted by the prosecution. Hong Kong Case Law Library – 2000: Release 3 of 3 (c) Butterworths Asia (a

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Magistrate sitting at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts of the offence of indecent assault, contrary to section 122(1) of the Crimes Ordinance, Cap. 200, Laws of Hong Kong. 4. The offence of indecent assault was at all material times and still is an

The Magistrates’ Courts in Hong Kong deal with criminal cases. They also deal with summonses issued by a Magistrate as a result of information laid by the Labour Department, the Companies Registry

1841 Rules and regulations for British merchant shipping and for the Marine Magistrate were published; Hong Kong was declared a free port 1844 An ordinance for the better regulation of the harbour and surrounding waters of the Island of Hong Kong 1845 An

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Centre for Judicial Education and Research City University of Hong Kong Working Paper Series No.1 May 2016 The Expatriate Judges and Rule of Law in Hong Kong

A magistrate has ruled that former lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kw-hung cannot be charged with contempt after he to several documents from a Hong Kong government official at a

The accused person has the right to submit an application for bail on further appearances before the Magistrate if bail was refused at the previous hearing(s). He may also apply to the Court of First Instance of the High Court for bail upon refusal by the Magistrate.

Magistrates’ courts in Hong Kong are presided over by ‘Permanent’, ‘Deputy’ and ‘Special’ Magistrates. All must be professionally qualified. The distinction between Permanent and Deputy magistrates is merely tenure and procedure for appointment; though all must

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Hong Kong soil during the colonial era. Such ideals have remained alive and well, and more cherished and vigorously defended than ever before, after Hong Kong was re-unified with China in 1997. Under the Hong Kong Basic Law – the HKSAR’s constitutional