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根據積金局統計,截至2012年12月31日,香港仍有逾40萬人參與公積金計劃 ( ORSO )。由於一些機構會讓員工選擇參與強積金或公積金計劃,先對這兩者分別有基本了解,遇到這些情況便可以作出明智抉擇。

The Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (“ORSO”) came into force on 15 October 1993, and is the governing legislation for the regulation of voluntary occupational retirement schemes operating in or from Hong Kong. The ORSO aims to regulate the

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9/2/2020 · 哇!大家一見到ORSO audit就有晒前設咁,樓主而家一定係一頭霧水。其實audit under ORSO有兩種,一種係ORSO scheme本身financial statements嘅audit (by administrator’s auditor under S.20(3) of ORSO),應該係樓主想問嘅野。 Thanks, 係做 scheme auditor

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ORSO allows employers to provide defined contribution or benefits to their employees to enhance their retirement. Learn how ORSO can benefit your corporation. The Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (“ORSO”) came into effect on October 15, 1993

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僱主在強積金計劃 (MPF計劃) 和認可職業退休計劃 (ORSO計劃) 下的稅務責任 僱員和自僱人士供款扣稅簡介 [強積金計劃 (MPF計劃) 或認可職業退休計劃 (ORSO計劃)]

The vesting scale specifies the percentage of the benefits derived from employer’s contributions that the member is entitled to based on the number of years of service. For a defined benefit scheme, the scheme member’s benefits are determined by a formula

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