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Holder of other non-local qualifications (please refer to our Guidelines on Non-local Qualifications for more details about our general requirements for such qualifications) AND satisfy the English Language Requirement. Applicants who gain admission, typically

Direct Application to PolyU If you are not eligible to apply through JUPAS or are seeking admission on the strength of qualifications other than HKDSE results, you will need to submit your application directly to PolyU. Online applications can be made via our .

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1 2019 JUPAS (HKDSE) Admissions Figures For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated based on their HKDSE results and subject weightings for selection purposes. The information provided here is the

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Admissions Figures of Senior Year / Top-up Degree Programmes Please note that the figures provided below are for reference only. GPA of students admitted through non-academic achievements schemes are excluded. In addition to academic results

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Application Deadlines for Non-JUPAS Admission in 2019-20 Academic Year 非聯招入學 (2019-20 學年) 之截止申請日期 University Application Period Online Application Online Application Fee (Local applicants) The University of Hong Kong Main Round Application

The study places offered by PolyU through JUPAS are intended primarily for admission of local school leavers. Applicants who are studying a programme or have attained qualifications at the same or above level as the programmes for which they are applying will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Non-JUPAS Senior Year Admission (For local final year students / graduates with Associate Degree or Higher Diploma qualifications) Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing

In consideration of the latest situation with the Novel Coronavirus Infection, the JUPAS Office will be closed from 24 Feb to 29 Feb 2020 (inclusive). All enquiries should be sent by email to the JUPAS Office at [email protected] We apologise for any inconvenience


Programmes JUPAS JUPAS admission Programmes – JUPAS What’s news Admission Score Subject Weighting JUPAS Score Calculator Apply – JUPAS How to Apply Admission Requirements – JUPAS JUPAS Sub-systems / Schemes FAQs – JUPAS Fees Non

Non-JUPAS (Direct) Admission (Online application opens. Early Round application closes on 9 December 2019.) Applicants who seek admission to undergraduate programmes offered by the University on the basis of qualifications other than Hong Kong Diploma of

2018 Admissions Figures of Senior Year / Top-up Degree Programme 呢份文件入面有哂PolyU 2018年既Senior Year / Top-up Degree 嘅平均收生GPA,大家可以

PolyU Design Home Admission BA (Hons) Scheme in Design Recap video: Info Seminars (10 Jan 2020) Portfolio Preparation (videos) Back For Non-JUPAS Local Senior Year Applicants (2020-21 Admission) Programmes BA (Hons) in Advertising Design

PolyU Design Home Admission BA(Hons) Scheme Admissions Information Info Seminars (10 Jan 2020) Portfolio preparation (videos) Local Non-JUPAS Year 1 Applicants Local Non-JUPAS Senior Year Places Applicants (please refer to ‘Interview Local Non

5/12/2018 · CUSCS升大學心得 2016 (適用其他學院/NON JUPAS學生) 1. HD升大學難唔難? 比起DSE一定更易, HD考試會有哂範圍, 有心温好易拎B+以上, gpa至少有3.3。 感謝心得~ 同埋想問下CUSCS收左我讀HUMAN SERVICE,,,LI科C HING知唔知係咪伏科??

Non-JUPAS applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account of individual merits. Non-JUPAS Local and International students should submit their applications directly to the University’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA).

JUPAS Requirements Application Details Important Dates Important Information FAQ Stay in Touch Non-JUPAS (Year 1) Requirements Apply Here Important Dates Important Information FAQ Stay in Touch Non-JUPAS (Senior Year) Requirements Study Period

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) Non-Jupas Application Interested students holding international qualifications, local sub-degree qualifications or post-secondary or other qualifications may submit applications through the

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an application form. You must apply through the non-JUPAS route separately on PolyU eAdmission System and pay the application fee. Please return this form to [email protected] no later than 7 February 20 20 for scheduling of interview if appropriate.

Non-JUPAS Admission Scheme Non-JUPAS Admission Scheme is for local and non-local applicants who are applying for admission on the basis of qualifications other than Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) or National Joint College Entrance Examination (JEE) results of the current year. (JEE) results of the current year.

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PolyU recognises the academic and non-academic achievements of our students through various types of scholarships, including entry scholarships for prospective students, post-entry scholarships and prizes, scholarships for overseas exchange/internships

PolyU was the first university in Hong Kong to provide a pre-registration degree programme in nursing. Our innovative approaches to learning and teaching enhance our students’ critical thinking and clinical decision-making. Our graduates would become the preferred

11/13/2018 10:16:59 商科水泡攻略, 低GPA出路 利申 band 3 垃圾dse 13分, 日讀夜讀NS, 狂背itb, mo, marketing, 爛到hihi, 開sem晚晚10點先走 sem 3 cgpa 3.1 , 已搏盡. sem 4

7/10/2019 · 基於有人希望在下出一個 post 講成個 non-jupas 既所有資料同程序, 所以先起度開一個 post 好讓今年要報 non-jupas 既同學能知道和明白整個程序!!! 呢個 post 基本上係 所有u 既 hd/ asso 既學生都適用, 不過既然在下係 polyu 學生, 所以先起度開 post 睇下反應!!!!

gpa hd non jupas polyu hd 6月 09, 2017 [polyu][non-jupas系列] poly hd兩年有感 -1 >_> 今次純粹想分享下對 gpa 既感覺 (´ ・_・ `) 係 poly 讀左兩年 hd gpa 最重要真係頭一年,即係最爛 grade 果一年 依家大家都出 offer 出得七七八八 陸陸續續都收到

JUPAS Requirements Application Details Important Dates Important Information FAQ Stay in Touch Non-JUPAS (Year 1) Requirements Apply Here Important Dates Important Information FAQ Stay in Touch Non-JUPAS (Senior Year) Requirements Study Period

Direct (Non-JUPAS) Applicants Programmes on Offer and Requirements Admission for Direct (Non-JUPAS) – All Applicants Print this Page Bachelor of Business Administration 工商管理學士 – 專修待定

Non-JUPAS Important Dates 2020 Online Application You are required to check your online application account, email and/or SMS according to the following schedule. Letters will not be posted to you except in very exceptional circumstances arrangement. Date

PolyU SPEED is a self-financed institution offering a diversity of quality top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards, including honours degree programmes, in full-time and part-time study modes.

最後佢話non jupas競爭都幾大吓問我 如果我比你 CE year 3 (Third choice) 同 CS year 2 The universities other than PolyU won’t give lower GPA requirement for students from PolyU HD although no GPA inflation, so It is very hard for PolyU HD students to go if

(* Non-local students are people who require student visas/permits issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department to enter Hong Kong for the purpose of education.) Structure This 4-year full-time programme involves university-based study and clinical education.

9/18/2016 16:14:02 CGPA 4 直升 HKU Year 3 金融系師兄談 Non-Jupas IELTS 7.5 + DSE 22分 + 靚仔 DSE 無知雞也想Year 1 入U? mk毒宅hea收~ 重要資訊用會間線 基於secrets有人希望在下出一個 post 講成個 non-jupas 既所有資料同程序, 所以先起度開一個 post

Non-JUPAS 非聯招 About PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus and West Kowloon Campus 理大紅磡灣校園及西九龍校園簡介 • A symbol of wisdom, the “arch of triumph” design of this campus is made up of

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2016 JUPAS (HKDSE) Admission Scores For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated for selection purposes. The information contained here is based on the admission scores (with weightings applied

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8.2009 Regulations of UGC -funded Postgraduate Schemes 3 4.3 A student’s previous education experience may preclude his enrolment in certain elective subjects (i.e. he will not be allowed to take those subjects) if it was in a similar field and at a similar level

Starting from 2018, students with outstanding academic performance can apply for non-local fieldwork placement at other countries/cities, such as United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc. Access to a rich array of co-curricular activities, such as student exchanges, summer internships, study tours, volunteer services and other whole person development activities, and the like.

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2018 JUPAS Admissions Score Reference The admission scores shown on this webpage are applicable to local students only. For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated for selection purposes.

EdUHK offers a series of full-time undergraduate programmes in teacher education, creative arts and culture, language studies and social sciences disciplines. Find out more about the undergraduate programmes available.

Occupational Therapy aims to help people with disabilities to achieve their optimum level of functioning. By taking part in therapeutic activities, both the physical and the psychosocial functions of clients are enhanced or maintained. Occupational therapists also help

Applying through Non-JUPAS (based on HD results) for admission into the full-time Degree Programme in EIE as an Advanced Standing Student with appropriate credit transfer. You will need to spend about two years of study on the degree programme after


Admissions HKBU offers full-time integrated undergraduate, postgraduate programmes leading to master or doctoral degrees with the aim of nurturing students’ all-round development through a unique and enriching learning experience.

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1/2/2013 · 五知報non jupas 定 jupas好 – – 係hkcc 讀緊 health studies, asso degree 想讀NURSING sem 1gpa 2.8, 好五掂 2012 DSE 成績. 中4, ENG 3, MATHS 3, LS 4, BIO 4, COMBINED SCI (PHY+ chem) 4 今年報左2013 DSE 英文, TARGET係想考5 如果NON

申請Non-Jupas,從資料,細節到deadline都與JUPAS大為不同。要申請Non-Jupas的同學,記得要非常非常小心,留意清楚申請的方法和細節!Non-Jupas即非聯招,需要同學透過該大學的網站申請學位。小編於Tutor Circle尋補和大家分享香港各大院校的Non-Jupas的

For Non-JUPAS Local Senior Year Admission (AD & HD Graduates) An appropriate Associate Degree / Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution. For details of non-JUPAS and non-local applications, please refer to the [email protected]