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Become a patron of GentleWhiteCat today: Read 197 posts by GentleWhiteCat and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. In summary, Sweet Devil Hunter is a real-time Act 3D next-gen

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Just got done with the demo and I have to say I really like how this is going. Sure, it’s a bit hard to tell how low your health is after taking a few hits, but that aside I really enjoyed playing the demo. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

8/3/2019 · Sweet Devil Hunter 1.0.3 is out It isn’t out yet. The expected release date for v1.0.3 is the 10th of next month. Werewolves if they have penis, thinks that the game is in Alpha yet, in the future should have penis enemies and humans if not, would not understand why

5/12/2017 · Hi everyone, I’m making 3D Act game, follow and suport me if you like my work 🙂 —– 哈囉,大家好 我正在做一款3D動作遊戲

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ah shame I wanted to port that motion into an emote in VRchat for private world use through blender then Unity. It looks really great, good work! Hope to see more in the upcoming patron release. I don’t mind compensating you though if ya manage to make it into a

1/2 页 推荐贴 梦夕阳 梦夕阳 同盟会员 【会员】初级会员 356 个贴 只看该作者 发布于 十二月 26, 2017 昨天才发现的 人物建模精美,光影特效在个人作品里也是令人惊叹了,和黑魂类似的第三人称操作,也有可以做互动的室内选项。虽然试玩版只出了一种

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I’m going to be upfront with you about this book—Sweet Evil tops the books coming out in 2012 easily. There’s no way I can tell you how much I utterly adore this book, which is why I took me forever to write a proper review for it. I’ll start off with why I love this book


https://youtu.be/9ZNGH0tDQuw Requested by Bruno Augusto Miku – Heart hunter

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